How to start a Business in uncertain times of the Economy

It is the time again, where uncertainty is all over the place. The stock markets in the US still rallying and reaching All Time Highs but unfortunately most of the retail traders are not on board of this gigantic train. But, there is a chance to use this uncertainty to prepare for the next leg down and get your finance prepared for your business idea. It is the time, in which you should keep your money safe, before you are running behind the train. First step to reach out for your goals is to to get clear about your money situation. Raising capital to start a new business is not as easy as setting up a lemonade stand or selling Girl Scout cookies. A primary reason for the failure of start-ups is a lack of funding. There are plenty of great products and ideas that have never come close to making it to the public. Without entrepreneurship, and the drive to just go for it, we would not have Apple, Google, Facebook, Starbucks, or countless other companies that are a part of our everyday lives.

I have put some starting points together of how you can generate capital for your future business in today´s economy:

1. Friends and Family

A tried and true methodology, this has been a staple of start-up funding for hundreds of years. It is however, not without its risks, as a failed business could lead to strained relationships. or even the end of relationships.

2. KFW Förderantrag / SBA Express

The Small Business Association provides several avenues for borrowing money. SBA Express allows bank-qualified business owners to borrow money without filing the typical SBA loan application. Plus, owners will receive a loan decision within 36 hours. Same possibility for German clients at KFW Bank or Förderbankenprogramme.

3. Community banks

Community banks actually have the capacity to be flexible with lending terms whereas large corporate banks do not. Find local lenders by reaching out to the Independent Bankers Association of America or the Sparkassenverband / Volksbankenverband in Germany which has access to hundreds of community banks.

4. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding networks like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have raised some serious cash from individual investors. If you have an innovative idea or project, develop a reasonable funding goal and timeline and see which investors support you and pledge funding. Remember, projects must meet their funding goals before the time runs out, or else no actual money is received. Also, be aware that a percentage of the money raised will be kept by the crowdfunding site as part of their fees. A wonderful idea to reach your goals!


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Should I start now or wait till we turn down in the economy? 

Whatever the state of the economy, there will be those willing to invest in new businesses. New businesses create jobs, and power growth. There are sources to help with capital. So, once you find the sources, be ready with a great plan to show what you are going to do with the capital, and how the investor will benefit.

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