Which are the most recommended Finance Books?

Finance, Investment, Trading…I just love this topic. Being a trader/investor is part of my daily life. I love finance and currencies. I remember when i was a little child how i collected the different coins i got into my hands. Turkish Lira, Italian Lira, Pesos from Spain, Swiss Franc, Deutsche Mark and Austrian Schilling. I had a punch of all different currencies in my little room and they were my treasury. Nowadys with the EURO travelling is apart from visiting historical and culture rich places not the same anymore as in the past in Europe. Do you remember the days when you went to your local bank branch to exchange your money for a different currency? I do and to be honest I am missing this time. I will not go here into detail if i do believe that we have the EURO in few years from now in the current form, what I want to give you is a list of my favourite books about Finance, Investment and Trading. It is my must read list to become a successful trader/investor and helped me on my way.

So enjoy your time with this list:

Market Wizard by Jack Schwager – Interview with Best Traders in the world like Paul Tudor Jones. Insight of Market, Fundamentals and Technics

A successful Wall Street trader turned neuroscientist reveals how risk taking and stress transform our body chemistry

A must read for everybody who wants to get involved in Trading. A classic book about a fascinating guy called Jesse Livermoore

Featured in the New Market Wizard by Jack Schwager is Victor “Trader Vic” Sperandeo a world class Trader at Wall Street. Insights of an successful men. 

Turtle Trader Story by Curtis Faith, the Trader who made for Turtle Founder Richard Dennis an Fortune. 

Psychology, Mindset, Focus…This are the topic in this wonderful book by Mark Douglas which can make you rich

Another must read book by Mark Douglas. The classic book that introduced the investment industry to the concept of trading psychology

Here we go again..Curtis Faith about Instincts in investment and trading. He says 80% is Mindset

Another book about psychology, spirituality, and philosophy to emphasize how self-honesty, self-esteem, emotional balance, and confidence form the foundation of successful trading

Life is all about predictions. Nate Silver, World-class Forcaster gives you an insight about forecasting in life, sports and trading

My personal must read book which I highly recommend to anybody. The way how Swiss Bankers made their money

Bernstein has written a thorough book that traces the linear progression of man’s understanding of probability and risk

Random events, mindset and crowd behaviour. Nassim Nicholas Taleb describes the markets and some random events which might shock you

Decision making from personal investments to schools for our children to the meals we eat to the causes we champion. How to improve decisions about health, wealth and happiness

Intuition is often presented as the opposite of structured achievement. It is all about the perspective

Everyone wants to succeed in life. But what causes some of us to be more successful than others? Is it really down to skill and strategy – or something altogether more unpredictable?

Chaos brings together work in the field of chaos theory, an extension of classical mechanics, in which simple and complex causes are seen to interact

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